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Ugh, adulting is the WORST! I have been stressed out all week because my car lease is up! Don't get me wrong I love my Ford Edge but I am at a crossroads in my life. If you listen to our radio show then you know (at some point - for a very brief moment) I was considering a minivan. 

Yuck! #Momlife. Now I know many people have and love their minivans but it's just not for me. 

Thus, in the wake of having my minivan meltdown, I somehow convinced myself the opposite side of the spectrum would be fun. A four-door Jeep Wrangler?

Here is my issue. I know Dallas and I want another baby in the next few years. I also know that a Jeep probably isn't the most practical vehicle for a newborn, but if we were EVER going to do it, now would be the time. Cash is old enough to sit in a big boy car seat and loves to be up high.... but baby number 2 is still in the back of my mind. You can see my struggle, right?   

I know what I should do is forget the whole thing and go get myself a nice practical Ford Explorer with three rows and call it a day but that White Jeep is calling my name. 

I went to look at both the Explorer and the Wrangler this week and the decision-making process is giving me a headache. Pass the wine, please. 

Can we just not adult for like 3 minutes and pretend we're back in NYC where the hardest choice I had to make was if I wanted a Dirty Martini or a Vodka Soda at dinner? Speaking of NYC how adorable is this little embroidered dress from Fabrik Birkdale? It's perfect for any time of year. 

I styled this look for spring transition with a pair of over the knee boots but you could pair it with wedges for the summer or rock the boots and a jacket for fall/winter. 

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