Di Nuovo A Scuola : Back To School


Well, I did it ... I've gone back to school! No, I'm not quitting my day job to become a full-time student again. I am just taking a night class, Italiano beginners, and let me tell you, it doesn't feel like beginner's Italian! 

Maybe it's because I've been out of college for 12 years but it could also be related to the fact that my professore speaks to us only in Italian. Now Dallas and I have been to Italy 3 times in the last 4 years and I thought this would be a nice way to pay homage to my heritage. I had NO IDEA I was walking into the snake pit... but here I am! Cazzo!

I feel like most of my classmates have some sort of foreign language experience making the learning curve much easier for them. I probably screwed myself here but in high school, I opted to take American Sign Language instead of Spanish or French. Thus, I feel like I don't hear the words the way some people do. If I cannot see and listen to the words at the same time it is hard for me to hear the detail of the word structure. 

Bringing me to my next issue. Our textbook comes along with a CD for our studying pleasure. The only problem is ... I DON'T OWN A CD PLAYER! Who does?!?! Aren't we past the CD phase?!? My car doesn't even have a CD player in it! Everything is digital now! 

I've gone against the grain for four weeks now, trying to study on my own, but I am getting nowhere fast. I am so lost in the class that I am afraid to participate until I get myself caught up! So, I am sitting in my office today, at the only 2007 computer I know, dubbing in the CD to make a digital copy I can listen to on my phone! 

While I cram for tonight's class here is an adorable look that is as retro as my computer! Who doesn't love overalls and flannels from the 90's?! I found these skinny-legged bibs from Free People and paired them with a simple white tank and flannel button down that I found at Target! 

For my accessories, I went with an affordable, nude patent leather bootie from Fabrik Birkdale. I threw on my favorite signature hoop earrings and grabbed my Mahi leather backpack (zaino) and I am ready to hit the books! 

I love this Mahi bag for so many reasons! Mahi has a huge selection of bags, duffels, and backpacks to choose from! I chose my bag, not only because of its name (The Roma ... so fitting for my class) but also because Mahi personalizes their bags and packs! Check out the beautiful stitching of my initials on the back of this leather piece! 


4 For Fashion : Adair


Finally, fall fashion is in full swing and I couldn't be more excited to bring you this month's "4 For Fashion" looks courtesy of Adair boutique! This is a fun collaboration for Rachel, Laura, Barbi and myself because Adair just opened their second location in South End. Adair has lived in Concord for years and this new location brings even more affordable fashion, trends, and gifts to our uptown area. 

Adair boutique not only has two full locations of inventory to choose from but also a full website of apparel for you to enjoy. Of course "4 For Fashion" is here to give you a look at Adair's trendy looks at all ages. Rachel from Queen City Chic is leading the pack with looks for your 20's. I am at the helm for my 30 something sisters. Laura from Smart Southern Style is representing our lovely ladies in their 4o's and Barbi from Southern Blonde Chic is rounding out our possie with looks you'll love in your 50's. It's fashion for all ages! 

Rachel from Queen City Chic always has a style all of her own and I LOVE that! She put together this boho-chic ensemble that is to die for! Her suede skirt really pulls the natural colors out of this long sleeve off the shoulder blouse. Pair with a braid and this fabulous orb necklace and you are ready for a night out with the girls! 

Playing off of Rachel's adorable off the shoulder style top, I chose to go with this black long sleeve basic. I went with this piece because I think it is an article that will work with many different body types, perfect for any wardrobe. Coincidentally, this orange fall dress was hanging right next to my black beauty and upon discovering it I decided they went great together! I paired them with these perfect snakeskin booties and fringe earrings also available at Adair. 

Laura from Smart Southern Style takes on the honor of shopping for our ladies in their 40's and she always makes everything look so great! Laura is great about finding pieces with beautiful detail. This plaid button up boasts handstitched embroidery throughout the shoulders that really makes this look. Laura threw on her favorite pair of jeans and gorgeous gold hoop earrings to complete her casual style.  

Last but certainly not least is our blonde bombshell from Southern Blonde Chic! Barbi opted to embrace all that fall fashion has to offer! How can you not love an aubergine long sleeve and a hand knitted duster vest?! This statement piece looks amazing with Barb's blonde hair, jeans, and necklace! 

Adair really has something for everyone in the way of fashion! As you can see we had no problem putting together show-stopping looks that look great and are age appropriate for anyone. Now that we have started your creative process feel free to check out Adair's Instagram for more looks that you will love! Their stylist are always on hand to help you put together a look for any occasion or to help you shop for a gift your friends will love! 

You can shop Adair's Concord location at 6185 Bayfield Pkwy or at their NEW South End location at 1820 South Blvd!

I also want to give a special thank you to Say Cheese CLT for providing our group with some really fabulous photos for this weeks blog post! 

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