My Top 5 Amazon Finds For Prime Day



 It's Amazon Prime Day! Yesterday, I shared some of my favorite Prime deals on my Instagram. I pulled all of my momma must haves. From breast pumps and wireless ear buds to baby wearers and clothing, Amazon has some amazing deals that you need to know about. 

I've been pretty vocal about my breastfeeding whoas lately, in hopes that it might help someone else through their journey. If you missed it, I have the stories saved in my highlights on my Instagram.

you see, I had to formula feed my first son (which is FINE, a fed baby is a happy one) and even though I have to work at keeping up my breast milk supply this time around I am able to make it further into my BF trek than I did 4 years ago. It hasn't been easy but it was really important for me to still feel like ME while being able to provide nourishment for my little boy. 

The thing that helped me this time around was the hands free pump that I invested in. My insurance did NOT cover the high cost but they did have a "healthy pregnancy" program that granted me a $500 gift card if I completed the program. I then took that money and purchased my pump. I am with Cigna but I encourage you to ask your insurance company if they have a similar program. Now I use the Willow but the Elvie did go on sale for Prime day. 

The other deals I thought new moms would enjoy are apple's AirPods for those late night feedings. I used mine a ton listening to podcast and audio books while I nursed my son over night. 

And don't forget tummy time! Your sweet little one holding his or her head up and rolling over is the first of many important milestones they will accomplish. Our big boy was not interested in rolling over and like most babies hated tummy time until I found this Slaphin Kids underwater activity pad! No lie with in days he was rolling over! 

Finally, I found a six position baby carrier to give you hands free access while wearing your baby. This one not only has a front carrying position but also converts into a hip hammock which I LOVED when Cash got older! 

I also picked this top up on Amazon! I have to admit I was a little leery of purchasing clothing on Amazon but I've gotten really lucky lately with my clothing finds. This top is perfect for fall transition. You can wear it with shorts or pants.

*** Remember you can always shop these deals by clicking the photos below****
Happy Prime Day 

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