Iphone Cases - The Perfect Stocking Stuffer


Sure, it's November 8th and I don't have my obnoxious 20' Christmas tree up just yet, but it's never too early to start looking for stocking stuffers!

Since there are only 7 more weeks before the big guy comes to visit, I figured I would kick things off by giving you all my 5 favorite Etsy iPhone cases of the moment. I get lots of comments and questions on my phone cases and I typically get them from Etsy or here.

I feel like iPhone cases are always an easy gift that you know most people will love since the majority of people have iPhones and everyone uses a case. Why not put a little personality into it? 

There are a couple of things that I look for when purchasing a new iPhone case. Obviously, is it cute... but also is it functional? I love cases that have an extra hand strap so that my children can't pull it out of my hands easily or a case that has a cardholder on the back. That is where I typically carry my ID and one credit card just in case I forget my wallet. 

I know that sounds like it shouldn't happen too often but if I'm out with my son Jaxson and I have to carry his diaper bag with me, I ALWAYS forget to take my wallet back out and place it in my work bag. 

Here are some cases that anyone in your life should love! Click the photos below to shop! 


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