Sunday Brunch Babe


Those who think only sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain. Especially in New York City!  

I shot this look while I was at New York Fashion Week earlier this month and it was the perfect ensemble as we ran around the city in the rain! 

I know it's been a rainy day here in Charlotte but I needed this weekend to just chill out and get my life together after two weekends of traveling. Luckily this weather deterred me from venturing too far from the house today. 

I am happy to say that after a week of being home I have finally unpacked my Delsey suitcase from our trip to Park City, Utah and got Cashton a haircut! Poor kid looked like a shaggy dog.

Anyways, while I am prepping to take on the week ahead, I hope you are having a ball at Sunday Brunch! 

I wanted to share this Red Dress Boutique look with you because the weather is getting warmer and this linen tie front top is so chic and lightweight! I paired it with these adorable scalloped jeans, fun statement earrings and strappy sandals. All of which are from Red Dress and UNDER $50!!!! ( Links below.) 

I must say I was pretty impressed with their shoes too. I wore them all over Manhattan running from fashion show to fashion show and my feet were fine! This whole look is a MUST HAVE for spring and summer! 

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