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Well, it has been some week! Truth be told, I am happy to pull myself away from the hustle and bustle of all that is going on in my life to tell you about another boutique that I love dearly! 

That's right! it's time for another "4 For Fashion" with some of my favorite local bloggers. This week, Rachel (Queen City Chic), Laura (Smart Southern Style), Barbi (Blonde Southern Style) and myself are all in my neck of the woods to check out and spotlight a boutique we all know and frequent. 

Luna Boutique is nestled into the heart of South Park and is a staple in my recurrent visits to Phillips Place! In fact, I am currently dining at Cafe Monte with a glass of wine after one of my visits to Luna Boutique. 

If you know "4 For Fashion" you know we focus on establishments that cater to fashion for all ages! Rachel represents the ladies in their 20's, I hold it down for the young ladies in our 30's and Laura and Barb embody women in their 40's & 50's. 

With such a broad age demographic it is nice to find a resource that provides something for everyone, especially with the holidays upon us. 

I personally know how hard it can be to shop for the women in your life. Then add the fact that we are all in different stages of life and you have some obstacle. However, that is only if you are shopping at the wrong locations. Hopefully, this blog will give you the solutions you need to pick the perfect holiday outfit for yourself or that special woman you are looking to impress.  

Rachel from Queen City Chic always has an amazing eye for the hipster millennial in your life! She's your skinny jeans, graphic tee and blazer kind of girl. Pair that with a low key pair of Vans and an awesome statement bag and Queen City Chic is ready for a casual or dressy event. 

Whether you are a momma or still playing the field in your 30's I feel ya! As the "middle child" you still want to feel relevant without committing to the role of Madre just yet. Luna boutique is great when it comes to classy, yet "look at me". I walked into Luna and immediately found this side sinched dress and leather jacket combo. In fact, I almost felt like I cheated this week because this look was already paired by their in-house stylist at Luna. I added my flair with a pair of leopard block heeled booties and a Luna double layered necklace.  

Laura from Smart Southern Style is always one of my favorite bloggers to follow as she mixes affordable and fashionable! Laura found these black denim jeans and red blouse to match with this faux fur vest from Luna. She also did a great job with the accessories noting her studded clutch and gold fringe jewelry with this look. 

Barbie from Blonde Southern Style is in a 50's league of her own. Her fun yet classic approach to attire is contagious and so is her laughter. Her leopard print blouse represents her wild side while the timeless black pants and fur vest shows her sophisticated point of view. 

As you can see there is something for everyone at Luna Boutique in Phillips Place. Whether you are shopping for the youthful boss babe in your life or the stay at home mom, you will be in good hands with the accomplished stylists at Luna. You can always check out their Instagram page for more gift ideas and stylish looks @ShopLuna or on their website at www.ShopLuna.com. They also have locations outside of Charlotte, boasting the Atlanta, Bethesda, and Charleston areas. 

Luna Boutque
6809 Phillips Place Ct
Charlotte NC 28210
(704) 554-6000

Happy Holidays My Ageless Beauties! 

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