STOP And Jump On The Bed


As a Mom, we always want the best for our children. We want to give them the best, treat them the best and teach them the best. However, as adults, we often forget that children have so much to teach us. 

There are so many times while Elena was here that I got so wrapped up in work that I forgot to stop and take a little extra time to enjoy life with my kids. That was because Elena was so good at what she did, it was easy to get so much work done that I became a work-o-holic. Of course, our new aupair Laura is WONDERFUL, but she is still growing into her role with our family. Elena was here for 2.5 years and knew our children like they were her own, Laura has been here for 2 months. So naturally, there is still so much to learn. 

However, the silver lining in all of this is that Cash has reminded me to look up from the blog, take a "time out" from the station drama and jump on the bed. Watching Jax at MyGym every week makes me appreciate these tender moments and brings my attention back to how quickly time passes. I know that one day I will blink and these two precious little boys will be strapping teenage men before I know it.  

Today Laura is finally going to take her driver's license test. As you can imagine with COVID 19 still looming the process to get her settled has been a long one. Everything has been delayed, from opening bank accounts to social security appointments. However, this seems to be the last piece of the puzzle that will give Laura the freedom she needs to completely settle into her new role. 

Once that happens and things return to our new normal I will continue to try and find the balance between getting things done (work, the podcast, creating content, and blogging) and staying present with my family. I know that there is a happy medium, we just have to find it. I also know so many of you are eager to learn more about Laura and as I can devote more attention to this blog again you will get to do that!

So join me in wishing Laura the best of luck as she takes her driver's license test today for the very first time in the USA! 

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