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Happy Thursday Friends!

If you're like me ... you've had a week, but have no fear Friday is coming and she's bringing wine!

Until she arrives, I have a brand new 4 For Fashion edition of "All Of The F-Words" to keep us entertained! If you missed the initial launch of "4 For Fashion", let me clue you in on who we are. 4 For Fashion is a group of women of all ages and walks of life, assembled to create stylish inspirations for anyone in their 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's! We like to think you can be stylish at ANY AGE!

This week my girls and I are spotlighting a staple on the Queen City shopping scene. Blue Hem is a pure, premium, denim shopping experience.

We all know how dishearting jean shopping can be, but Blue Hem takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect size and fit. They carry lines for men and women in all colors and sizes. Blue Hem even carries shorts and overalls from bootlegged to distressed.

Rachel, Laura, Barbi and myself all visited Blue Hem on Camden Road at different times, to select our looks. The great thing about Blue Hem is the selection! All four of us found looks we loved to suit our personal styles.

I think if you read my blog you know that I LOVE super distressed denim and I am probably the most "rugged" out of our little ensemble. I found these amazing high rise, distressed, slim fit jeans by McGuire. The denim was worn in and soft. The jeans themselves never lost their shape during wear!  These jeans have a personality all their own so I chose to pair them with an everyday knotted tee, and simple silver jewelry. 

Rachel from Queen City Chic is our little hipster! Rachel is in her 20's and has the perfect physique for this retro look. She opted for these stylish jean shorts by James Jeans. They are longer than your traditional denim shorts but she said the length was perfect! They stayed in place and the cut elongated her torso when paired with this double ruffle tee she chose to tie up! 

Laura is the editor behind Smart Southern Style and I always love working with her because she sees the big picture in things. Laura's look this week is perfectly styled and shows her true fun loving personality! I mean who doesn't love leopard heels paired with jeans? Laura found a great pair of Joe's cropped, slightly distressed jeans that fit her like a glove! 

Last and certainly not least is Barbi from Southern Blonde Chic, and she is just that! Barbi elected to stay on the traditional side this week and go for a classic jean by 3x1. She rolled the hemline for a cropped look and hit the nail on the head! This look is a must-have! Barbi paired these jeans with a bell-sleeved tunic and added a pop of color with a great earring. So on trend! 

As you can see Blue Hem has something for everyone! You can find all of our looks (and more) at Blue Hem on Camden Road in Southend. From traditional blue jeans to colored denim or distressed to classic cuts, Blue Hem is a Charlotte treasure when it comes to finding the perfect jean for your body type.  You can reach Blue Hem at (980) 228-1868 or check out their Instagram for more looks you're sure to love! 

A special thank you to Say Cheese CLT for a fun evening of shooting and gorgeous photos that captured the true style that Blue Hem has to offer! 


Smiling Through The Tears


This isn't my typical post and if you don't have a box of tissues handy I would just shop this look and bail because I am bearing my heart in this post. 

What is the definition of denim?

Den-im /'denem/ noun: a sturdy fabric, sometimes distressed or bleach but typically blue. Used for jeans, overalls and other clothing.  

 I am trying to decide if I am like denim. I am trying to be sturdy but I am distressed and definitely blue. For the last month, I have been struggling with the tough decision of putting my dog Woofer down. 

Last Sunday afternoon at about 5:15pm my world stopped as I said goodbye to my very best friend and fur baby. May 21 will go down in my heart as the 2nd worst day of my life, only to losing my Father. 

Woofer aka Cody was my 16-year-old baby boy and was the absolute best dog ever. It still breaks my heart to think about the moment I said goodbye but Woofer wasn't in good health. He was blind due to an eye infection and cataracts leading him to sleep all day and struggle to get around day and night. Most nights he would fall into his food and water bowl, run into walls and/or gets stuck behind furniture because he couldn't find his way out. 

He was also dealing with hip dysplasia, causing him to fall into his own feces when he attempted to use the bathroom. He didn't go outside anymore as he was becoming disoriented, so he used pee pee pads inside the house instead.  I use to try and take him outside and sit with him once a day to get some fresh air but his quality of life took a turn for the worse. 

Saying goodbye to Woofer was not a decision I took lightly. It took many long talks with our Vet and to say this was the hardest decision of my life is an understatement. I have had the hardest time with the thought of "playing God." Woofer was my absolute best friend and fur-baby for half of my life. Voluntarily saying goodbye to someone you love unconditionally is a haunting experience.

This sounds terrible to say but I put it in Gods hands, and prayed and prayed and prayed that he would take Woofer peacefully in his sleep but that didn't happen and I couldn't see him suffer anymore. 

Woofer was with me through college, my father's passing, 3 cross country moves and MANY sleepless nights with a newborn. He was my rock. 

I use to love coming home to see those two little black beady eyes waiting patiently on the second stair of our little condo in Boca Raton, Florida. 

My greatest fear is that I have made a terrible decision and those little whimpers I use to love hearing at the swimming pool will haunt me forever. Woofer loved the water and loved to swim. I did what I thought was best for my life-long buddy and I will try to honor him this summer by spreading his ashes at his favorite lake. 

Goodbye, my sweet boy. There will never be another like you.


All Or Nothing



It's been hard to find time to blog lately. 

I seem to have a ton going on and nothing much to say. Truth be told ... I'm just worn out. My day begins early and ends late. Putting in a full 8 hour day before noon on minimal sleep does take it out of you. Then add a new routine with my husband's new job, appearances for work, a sick dog, a baby and a blog. Whoa.

I know it might sound like I am complaining because I am stressed, but I am just trying to remind myself that this along with all other worry is only temporary.

Dallas got a GREAT new job as a regional RVP with a medical company and it is requiring him to be on the road most of the week. Which would typically be a cake walk for us (and a nice break for me) but our nanny, who we love dearly, has taken a leave of absence for a family emergency. For the last two and a half weeks we have been struggling to find childcare while we are both at work, adding an extra layer to our already nutty lives. With some help from our mothers, Cash has been well taken care of but it has definitely taken a toll on all of us. 

Luckily, I have found an interim replacement nanny who will start at the end of this week. Fingers crossed all works out and our dear Sandra is back to work soon. 

In the meantime, I have been searching for answers to Cashton's speech delay. Today he saw a speech therapist for a consultation and it was the toughest hour of my life but I have to trust the process. Children are typically tested in private, away from Mom and Dad so that they are not distracted and Cash was having none of it!

During his one hour consultation, I sat in an empty waiting room listening to my baby cry out to me for 25 mins before he even entertained the idea of playing with a stranger. At nineteen months children are dealing with some separation anxiety so I know that behavior is normal but it doesn't ease the hurt in your heart when you hear those cries. 

All in all, they were able to complete the evaluation and we should have a course of action for his speech therapy in about a week.

While I wait, I thought I would get back on the wagon and share with you this innovative look for your #bossbabe Monday. The Blazer dress is a collaboration by one of my favorite influencers (Olivia Culpo) and Revolve. The dress runs small so size up. I paired this chic look with a pair of white mules from Nordstrom and Kendra Scott's brand new adjustable earrings. 

Enjoy Boss Babes! 


Navy Days


Happy Monday Boss Babes! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

Don't worry if it wasn't long enough Memorial Day is in sight! Not only will we remember the brave men and women who fought for our country but we'll be pretty close to kicking off summer too.

Can you believe it ?!?! Where did spring go?

With the days already feeling like a summer scorcher, I wanted to share with you this dressy casual look from Page 6 Boutique in Fort Mill! I pulled this suede skort out for a date night last week but it's perfect for any night on the town. I opted to dress this look up with a pair of Louboutins but this mustard navy combo would look great with a pair of nude or gold flip flops too!

This sheer navy with gold pinstriped blouse is also from Page 6. They always have amazing pieces that pair easily or can be worn as separates. However, have no fear if you're not great at putting looks together on your own, the girls at the store do an amazing job styling you for any occasion... including no occasion at all!  


4 For Fashion : Lizard Thicket Boutique


Barbi - Southern Blonde Chic
Rachel - Queen City Chic
Laura - Smart Southern Style

Happy Thursday friends!

 I am so excited to finally share a project that I have been working on with some pretty stylish people. I have partnered with 3 very talented bloggers from around Charlotte to create a bloggers group that will cover 4 different age brackets. 

The four of us are all in different phases of our lives and have unique styles. We will be partnering with local boutiques around the Queen City to feature fashion for all ages. The four of us cover your 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's! 

Thus, I am proud to introduce, "4 for Fashion"! 

The first boutique we urge you to learn more about is Lizard Thicket in Blakney! Fun name, fabulous clothing! With the weather here in Charlotte changing it's important to find looks that will transition with your wardrobe. 

Meet Rachel aka "Queen City Chic"! Rachel is in her 20's and has a laid-back style that is a bit hipster with a feminine twist. She is obsessed with sneakers but traded in her kicks today for a pair of wedges and this adorable blush lemon skirt, black crop top and denim jacket from Lizard Thicket. She is originally from Charlotte and is a foodie at heart. Stay tuned for her blog to launch later this month. 

I, of course, will be representing the 30 somethings with my "All Of The F-Words" blog. By now you know that I have a pretty eclectic style and love everything from boho chic to business attire. I am mindful of what I spend but can appreciate a splurge item too. Today, however, there is no need to break the bank. I am loving this black floral blouse and jean shorts from Lizard Thicket. I've paired this look with a strappy bralette and a woven bag also available at the Blakney location. 

Laura is up next from "Smart Southern Style"! Laura has lived here in Charlotte for 20 plus years and knows affordable southern fashion like no other. She is in her 40's and if a busy Mom of two beautiful girls and a businesswoman on the move. She has an amazing casual feel that features everything from jeans and tees to classic southern sundresses, so it's no doubt she is looking lovely in this black dress with embordered flowers from Lizard Thicket! 

Our final piece to the puzzle and mastermind behind this whole project is Barbi from "Southern Blonde Chic". Barbi is 50 and fabulous! She is a positive, energetic and stylish blogger that shares her favorite looks and beauty products! I love that Barbi styled this look with multiple patterns. It shows that no matter your age you can still be on trend and age appropriate. The black and white looks great with her blonde locks and the contrast of stripes and floral is so chic! 

As you can see fashion comes in all personalities and styles which is why we are so excited to be working together to feature looks that will work for everyone! Of course, if you have any questions about these looks or have an idea for a collaboration feel free to email me. I am so proud to be working with such talented and creative women in the field of fashion and we hope you will check out Lizard Thicket in Blakney for more stylish looks this Spring! 

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