Super Sick Monday


Happy Monday Boss Babes! 

If you made it into the office this morning, good for you! While you diligently went about your day, you probably noticed the office was significantly quieter than it is on a typical Monday. That is because the day after the Super Bowl is better known as "Super Sick Monday". It's the one day of the year 13.9 million people all coincidentally call out of work with "the flu" aka a hangover(Yes, that is a real statistic). I know some of you are still recovering from last night's epic Super Bowl yourself, but you toughed it out today despite staying up late and drinking way too much. 

I know, I know what you're thinking. I poo-pooed all over the game yesterday but that was before I watched one of the best Super Bowls I've seen in years (and that's not just because Tom Brady lost). 

Last night marked the Philadelphia Eagles first Super Bowl win in franchise history, and did I mention they did it with a backup quarterback at the helm? 

If you watched any of the game last night there is no doubt you saw some killer Super Bowl commercials. Some of my favorites were Amazon's Alexa Lost Her Voice, Budweiser's Stand By You, and Dorito's Blaze Vs Mountain Dew.  

If you need something to pass the time today in your sleepy office I've got you covered. I also have an adorable boss babe outfit to share with you! This ruffled floral bell sleeve blouse is perfect for spring. I've paired it with my favorite LV purse and a black pencil skirt. 

The top runs a little large so I sized down into an extra small but the skirt runs true to size. I am wearing a small here. 

I also love these brand new strappy Steve Madden heels for a complete office look. Let's be honest though, you could really wear these pumps anywhere! 

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  1. I do this after giving my little one a nice, long bath in a steamy bathroom. My little one is a big fan of the Vick's Baby Rub. walmartone


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