72 Hours With The Fam


Let's be honest... everyone has family members that they consider a little cray cray. Well, that's pretty much my whole Pittsburgh family and last weekend I got to spend 72 hours in the "Burgh" with those crazies. 

It's not often we get the opportunity to all be in the same place at the same time but this occasion was special. My Aunt Angela was getting married, so Friday morning after the show, I hopped on a quick one hour flight to the city of bridges and landed in a blanket of white. It had been snowing for 2 days and continued to dump buckets of snow on my car as I raced across town to get to the courthouse to watch my Aunt and her new husband Mike tie the knot in front of their family and friends. 

Saturday afternoon they celebrated their love with a reception at the most beautiful restaurant on Mount Washington, The LaMont. Their old world glam and spectacular view of the city skyline was the perfect backdrop for this special occasion. 

There was just one problem ... this was a "dry" wedding. WHAT?!?! Of course, that wasn't going to fly with me. I didn't come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania not to have a drink in this stunning restaurant! So I did the only logical thing and I struck up an agreement with the bartender. He would open the bar (for only me and my siblings) and we would keep it quiet and take care of him at the end of the event. DEAL!

After our extended family disbursed the real party started! You know the saying after the party, it's the hotel lobby?" Well, we pretty much took over the Homestead Courtyard for our pregame party before heading out that night. (Classy, I know.) 

Let me just say if you were in Downtown Pittsburgh the night of February 2nd, I apologize because we are not a quiet crew! Our little tribe headed to Sing Sing Piano Bar, where we did just that. Sang the night away!  

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