We Accidentally Bought A House!


     I know. I know. How do you accidentally buy a house? Well according to my husband, I'm pretty good at accidentally making purchases. This time, however, it wasn't all my fault! See what had happened was...

     Dallas and I have been "talking" about moving for at least a year, but clearly, we were in no real rush. In fact, in a years time, we had only seriously looked at 3 homes and our current house wasn't even on the market yet. 

   Originally we thought we wanted to stay inside the I-485 loop. We loved the area we were in and wanted to stay close while finding a little more room. Then within the last month, we had decided to open our housing search to explore a little farther south and include Ballantyne. BINGO! I immediately started to see homes that I was interested in, so I set up a "scouting" day with our realtor Danielle and Dallas. 

   "Let's just go check a couple out." Famous last words. I fell in love with a newly renovated cul-de-sac home right across from the golf course! After months and months of looking for a unicorn, we would all get what we wanted out of a home. Dallas was very adamant about being inside a community (for baby Cashton), he also had hopes of a golf course and I wanted an open floor plan with vault ceilings (and of course a couple more bedrooms). This house had everything we wanted and more, but were we really ready to pull the trigger? 

   After talking it over Dallas and I decided that we weren't going to get into a bidding war over this house. There were a couple other families looking at the house as well and they had planned on putting offers in too. We chose to put in one offer that we thought was fair and call it a day. We could sleep at night knowing, if it's meant to be, it will be. 

Within two hours we received a call from our realtor exclaiming "Congratulations! You got the house!" "WHAT?!?! Really? Oh $h*t! I guess it was meant to be! 

So needless to say we spent the next two weeks scrambling to get our house ready to throw on the market... and here we are. We JUST listed our current house, and have an open house scheduled for this coming weekend. Wish us luck. 

In the meantime, enjoy this weather and this flowy spring transitional look. I scored this blouse and necklace from Apricot Lane in Stone Crest and I paired them with a semi-distressed white denim jean and my favorite Kristin Cavallari booties!

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