New Beginnings


 I know it's January 23rd, but it feels like New Years Day for our family! It's a new start. A new adventure. A new beginning. As you may have heard on our radio show, we have decided to throw caution to the wind and hire an Aupair! 

You may be asking yourself, "What exactly is an Aupair?"An Aupair is a young person from another country who lives with you and helps with childcare responsibilities in exchange for room and board. 

    The reason I say we threw "caution to the wind" is that, before your Aupair arrives at your home in the US, you have never officially met face to face! Sure you have Skyped a million times and asked eight thousand get to know you questions, but you never REALLY know how someone will fit into your family until you cohabitate together.

   I can't begin to tell you all the things going through my head Friday afternoon as I drove to Charlotte Douglas International airport to pick up Elena. My palms were sweaty, my mind raced, and my heart fluttered. I couldn't place what I was feeling.

   As I walked into baggage claim holding my "Welcome Elena" sign and matching balloons, I was greeted by a thin blonde Italian girl with a warm smile. She gave me a huge hug and almost immediately my nerves subsided and transformed into excitement.

   On our drive home, Elena and I caught up over her week spent in NYC at Aupair training school where she was emergency and CPR certified while learning about life in the US. 

   Once Elena settled into our home we introduced her to baby Cash. He was instantly intrigued by her. This was especially relieving since Cashton doesn't always take to new people. 

   As the weekend continued on, Cash seemed to favor Elena. They chased each other, colored and watched cartoons together. Elena graciously jumped into her responsibilities as our new Aupair. She was eager to learn feeding and bathtime routines and even cooked for our family Sunday night. 

   After a weekend of bonding with our family, I am confidently hopeful that Elena will love Cash and life here in the US. I know things will not always be easy as there will be a learning curve as well as times Elena will feel homesick but we will try to work through things together, as a family. 

   Now that you have heard the tale of our weekend, here are the details to a fun look to get you through the week! I have received many messages about this pink fringed sweater from Vici and I've thoughtfully paired this vibrant look with a pair of dark skinny jeans and white booties. To polish off this ensemble I went with a pair of earrings from Fabrik Birkdale and my favorite Valentino bag.  

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