Freeing My Mind With Free People


You know I try to be a positive person in life. I pray, I make time for my family and I try to hustle when it comes to my business. I believe (as cliche as it may sound) that you get out of life what you put in. However, as balanced as I try to be, it REALLY irks me when people try to take advantage of a situation. 

Two Friday's ago I was headed home from a client meeting on 77 South, when I watched a bolt fall off a hauler truck and hit my window. I looked up at my windshield to assess the damage and realized not only was my front windshield shattered in the upper passenger side window but that the bolt was still laying on the hood of the Stormtrooper. 

My eyes immediately refocused on the hauler truck it had fallen from and I proceeded to flag down the driver. As we pulled off the highway I took a photo of the bolt still laying on the jeep. When we stopped I explained to the driver that it had fallen from the top of his tall tailgate and returned the bolt to him. I also at that point asked for his insurance information and to speak to the owner of the company. 

I spoke to Andre, the owner of the Excavating & Hauling company on the phone and he assured me that we would rectify the situation. However, after weeks of getting the run around from the company and their insurance, it became painfully obvious to me that my windshield was not going to get fixed... at least not by them. 

After coming to terms with what goes around comes around, I've decided to let karma work it's self out and get the window fixed myself. I mean who has time to sit around and wait on dishonest people? I've got blogs to write. 

Thus, to take my mind off the vile words I could name call (can you tell I'm really hanging on to this one?) I've decided to share this perfect spring transition look with all of you! 

I'm freeing my mind with this adorable Free People embroidered dress and blush booties from Chinese Laundry. I chose to pair this look with my favorite Page 6 fringe earrings. I get so many compliments anytime I brake them out. Plus, who doesn't love a great bag to complete a pretty seasonal look? 

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