Puffers and Pearls


I can't believe it's Friday already! I haven't even packed yet and I leave TODAY for Connecticut to choreograph for Miss Connecticut USA!  

It's legit 3:45am and I am tiptoeing around my house writing this blog and packing! 

Fun fact that you might not know about me, my first major in college was theatre! I loved everything about the theatre from performing to production, so with my pageant history and my background in dance with the NBA & NFL, I found myself a nice little side hustle with Five Crown Productions as there show director and choreographer.  

Anyway, since it is 12 degrees outside currently and it is only making it up into the 30's today for much of the country, I wanted to share a great casual look with you for your weekend or your upcoming travel. I wore this cozy puffer vest on our trip to Asheville last week and it was a hit. 

I've linked the pieces you can get online below, however, there is a new version of this top out now which you can get here, and the adorable pearl clutch is available in-store only at Banana Republic. 

I'll have more up this weekend about our trip to Asheville and our tour of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company which was a blast! 

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