Great Grays


I said it yesterday during my #TryOnTuesday session at Fab'rik Birkdale, "Winter is here for the long haul".

It's 30 degrees outside and much of the United States is in a "deep freeze". I mean for God sakes, it snowed in Jacksonville, Florida today! Break out the cute long sleeves and coats because we are in the heart of sweater weather.

I found an adorable gray off the shoulder sweater yesterday at Fab'rik (which you can still see on the highlights in my Instagram stories) and it made me think about how grays are the perfect neutral for this time of year.

I've put together some great simple sweaters that will go with anything in your wardrobe below. They are easy to wear and will look great with a pair of jeans, booties or over the knee boots. It's all about styling, styling, styling! 

I field a lot of questions from you guys about how to style an outfit and if you ever get into a bind please email me! I have been around fashion, design, and stylist my entire life and it is the heart of why I started my blog. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE RADIO and I'm not going anywhere, I just missed my roots. 

This whole look is from Page 6 (use the code LauRen20 at check out for a discount) They have a local and an online store and have some really great finds! The jeans and booties in this blog are also available in the links below. If you can only get one piece from this outfit the booties are it! They are available in a ton of colors and are so chic and stylish and will go with pretty much everything. Plus they will add a subtle pop of color to any look. 

Unfortunately, the faux snakeskin clutch is no longer available however I've found some great replacement pieces and ordered another one myself. You can never have enough snakeskin! 

Happy Shopping!

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