Ice Princess


I know we all woke up a little disappointed this morning when we opened our eyes and there was no snow on the ground. She was a little delayed but Mother Nature delivered what she had promised.

I know when I started my day at 3:45 this morning I thought"Here we go again. Another Snow My God winter weather advisory where nothing happens." I even joked with my co-workers this morning that I wasn't coming in because I couldn't dig myself out of the house, but little did I know just hours later the snow would start and keep coming.

The blanket of white outside my window now makes me feel like I am in a Winter Wonderland! In fact, it's got me feeling like an Ice Princess so I thought I would share this sweet look with you.

I randomly found this dress yesterday while I was digging through the sale rack at Anthropologie. The sweater and skirt look is one piece and is darling when paired with a little denim jacket! (Size down. I normally wear a small and I have on an XS here.)  I have also accessorized this look with gold jewelry from Bauble Bar, strappy heels, and a topknot.

This dress would be a great addition to your spring transition closet, especially for the price!

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  1. Nice blog about ice princess is this costume for winter only? by the way i am happy to read your posts keep posting content like this.


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