The Asher Collection At fab'rik Birkdale

 What do the names Isaac, Eva, Zuri and Asher mean to you? Right now, probably nothing but I hope you feel differently after shopping this specific blog. 

I found this gorgeous line and felt compelled to share it with you! At first glance, the Asher Collection might look like a fashion line that would catch your eye because of its bold personality and use of patterns and textures. Although it is all of those things, it is also so much more. 

The Asher Collection is a line I found at fab'rik Birkdale and it is fashion for a cause. The Asher Collection has partnered with Project 82 Kenya to help rehabilitate orphans through education, health care and of course love as they find their forever homes.  

This beautiful line was born when the CEO's dream of adopting a baby came true. Imagine waiting to meet your future son or daughter, and getting a call that a little face has been abandon. As a mom, it breaks and melts my heart at the same time. 

After meeting their new daughter Asher and helping her adjust to her new loving home, this talented CEO was inspired to help other children find their second chance too. 

She named the line after her daughter and set out to create a collection that would make any woman feel powerful and beautiful while a portion of the proceeds would go to helping the hundreds of babies abandoned each month in Africa. 

Now you might think, "That's great, but how can I get involved?" Well, it's easy. All you have to do is shop. 

fab'rik Birkdale is a proud carrier of this philanthropic line. Each piece from the collection is named after one of the children they help. In this blog, you will see featured looks like the Franklin dress paired with the Joseph jacket. Joseph and his brother were abandoned in a marketplace in Kenya. 

You will also see the Morgan dress and the Eva duster. Eva was the size of a newborn when she was found at nine months old. She suffered from malnutrition but with the help from this line she is receiving the treatment she needs and will hopefully be adopted one day soon. 

If you are in search for some amazing looks this holiday season, this collection is sure to turn heads and change lives. 

The Asher Collection is available at fab'rik Birkdale and you'll feel good knowing that when you open your wallet you will also be opening your heart. You'll get a gorgeous look and you'll be helping a beautiful baby get a second chance at life. 

It's a win, win! Happy Friday! 


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