Distressed Like My Jeans


Oh it's been one hell of a week! Cash has been in full blown boogie monster mode, literally and figuratively. This poor kid couldn't sleep unless he was sitting straight up, so I slept in his glider with him all night. Eight hours of hell. 

He was cranky because he couldn't sleep comfortably and I took hands and feet to the face all night long, but hey thats what Mom's do. 

Anyway, I am happy to report Cash is FINALLY feeling a little better. We even got out of the house for a little today, after being under quarantine since Wednesday night. 

To celebrate being out of my pajamas I wanted to share this cool casual Sunday Funday look with all of you! Not that we had a full blown day of fun but was a vas improvement from last week! 

I love how easy this outfit was to put together! I ordered a ton of jeans from Express last week when they had their big denim sale and I am pretty obsessed with these black mid-rise distressed denim leggings. They are so soft! 

I also threw on my Adidas kicks, foiled tee, and an acid washed denim jacket and I was ready for our walk. Bonus points if your like me and you like to add a brooch to your jackets. Casual or dressy, it just adds a bit of polish to any look. 

Here's to being on the mend! 

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