Dear Saturday


Dear Saturday, you are my favorite! Mainly because we had some much-needed family time at the Renaissance Festival today!

It feels like I have been working nonstop lately and I always try to set aside a family activity, for Dallas and I to bond with Cashton. The Ren Fest has been a tradition for Maney, Roy and I since we started working together in Charlotte three years ago. This year was especially fun because we got to include our families.

Cash is at the age where he wants to explore EVERYTHING, so watching him take in all the pirates and knights was a ton of fun. Of course, when we got home, he took the longest nap and now he is up and ready to go again!

Luckily, Grandma is coming to visit, so while we wait for her to arrive I thought I'd share our Saturday threads.

LauRen: Winter white H&M sweater, Mid Rise Eco-friendly Jean Leggings by Express, Tan Bridgette Hat from Fabrik, Journee Collection Polka Dot flats from DSW, gold fridge necklace from Fabrik, and a Philip Stein two-tone timepiece.

Cashton: Kacki shorts with a navy and white striped pullover set by Nautica Kids, and Navy TOMS from Nordstrom.

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