Matching Christmas Pajamas


I love Christmas and every year I see those adorable ads where families are dressed in matching pajamas, and every year I swear we are going to take family photos like that!

Well,  I decided this was our year!

I found these super soft buffalo plaid jammies from none other than JC PENNY! I couldn't believe it! They had a huge assortment of styles and they were so affordable. Of course, Cash gets to rock the onesie but they also offer plaid nightgowns for women and two-piece unisex PJs. They even have pet sets! Poor Woofer isn't doing well this year so we'll let him sit this one out, but if you have a four-legged family member you should totally indulge!

Now I know we are just days away from Christmas and the malls are crazy, but you can order these jammies online and take advantage of JC Penny's free same day pick up! I am all about simplifying life during the holidays!

Merry Christmas!

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