Hide and Seek


I am dealing with a major dilemma this morning! My Christmas tree is dead and I am not ready to take it down. However, I kinda feel like it's a fire hazard at this point!

Our tree didn't last long this year and I will take full responsibility for that. We get our Christmas tree every year on Black Friday. We hop in the car and drive down to Penland Christmas Tree Farm to get the full experience! They give you a hand saw and let you walk through fields of trees until you find the perfect one. They also have a huge fire pit that the kids (and myself) can roast marshmallows on.

Anyhow, we got our beautiful tree home and decorated when my husband had to fly to Florida to do some work to a condo we are selling and I forgot to water the tree while he was gone. It's not typically my duty so it never even dawned on me the dang thing needed water.

Thus, now we have a crunchy Christmas tree with wilted branches that are dropping needles. When the lights are on it still looks pretty (if you squint and tilt your head to the side) but I'm almost positive this tree is one spark away from destroying my life.

While I decide what to do with ole smoky I wanted to share today's look with you! The good news is this "Hide and Seek" sweater is adorable and crazy comfy, the bad news is that it is almost sold out everywhere. So, I have attached a couple different links below in hopes that you get the last few!

Happy Shopping!

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