Meet Me At The Peach Tree


Spring has sprung and I cannot wait to shake this cabin fever (and baby weight). Operation shred is in full swing! Although I've lost a good deal of weight I'm still not back in my "pre baby" wardrobe just yet.

 Cash is officially six months old and is a ball of laughs! He is always smiling and giggling and he is a ton of fun to dress! Dallas on the other hand ... let's just say he's a little pickier.

Dressing a picky guy is not impossible, you just have to figure out his personal style. Dal is a function guy and I'm of course a fashion girl so we have to meet in the middle a lot of times. Dallas just wants to be comfortable and not feel confined to his outfit, thus layering is perfect for him! That way if he gets hot he's not forced to sweat through it, he can just remove a piece.

Here's a look at our looks:

LauRen: White corded H&M long sleeve with gold button detailing on the back, stretch Super Skinny High denim, light denim jean jacket, Tory Burch knee high riding boots, Gold Michael Kors Watch , Pearl earrings.

Dallas: Bill Reid Gray Shiloh Shawl Melange Pullover, Hans white tee, Gage Classic Straight legs from C-OF-H jeans and Frye Phillip Harness boots in Cognac

Cashton: Burt's Bees Baby white onesie, and Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Photo credit: Catrina Earls Photography 

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