Vacation OOTD

As most of you know I do a morning radio show here in Charlotte, North Carolina and we are currently being featured on the television show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC. Well Maney and Roy, my counter parts, got asked to LA to film this season’s reunion show and since I was on materitey leave for most of this season I got left behind.
No worries! Here is something you will learn about me… I LOVE TO TRAVEL and given the day off, nine times out of ten I will be on the road. So, since our show had off this past Friday for filming… I was off to Florida! 
I wanted to share with you one of my favorite vacation outfits from the weekend! It was Fashion Friday and I was feeling this little number! 
Do+Be white off the shoulder top from KLa Boutique 
Peach layered choker from Kla Boutique
Distressed blue jean shorts from H&M
Beaded geometric beach clutch from Laraethnics Boutique in Santorini Greece


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