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Ugh, it is officially flu season! Cue the yo-yo temperatures and chronic coughing fits! 

Sadly, I am already there. It all started with a sore throat Monday night after work and it was all downhill from there. By bedtime, I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck. My whole body ached and my voice was weak. I poured myself a cup of hot tea with honey and started a hot bath with Epsom salts to ease the pain that was creeping through my muscles, but nothing seemed to help. 

Next, a fever set in and I spent the night fist fighting with the sheets on my bed. (We've all been there.) Hot. Cold. Sweat. Shivers. I thought "Surely I'll feel better in the morning". However, when my alarm promptly sounded at 4am I did not feel any improvement.

Unfortunately, in our line of work, sick days are few and far between. Radio is a crazy animal and we have this little thing called ratings that determine how well our show does or does not do. On a three-person show, we don't typically get the luxury of taking off unless the whole show takes scheduled PTO. 

People may think, being in the entertainment world we are "show ponies" but I can assure you, we are the workhorses. Yes, the job is a blast but when you are sick, or down, or not feeling 100% it doesn't matter because you have a show to do and people to make laugh. As they say, " The show must go on!"

It's now Friday night and I still feel terrible. I have tried all the medicine in the world this week and the only thing to make me feel even remotely better is, of course, a cute outfit like this one from Page 6  Boutique in Fort Mill. 

Who doesn't love Spanx, a leopard turtleneck, and a darling hat! Now, this specific sweater is SOLD OUT but Page 6 has more leopardy goodness in store and on their website! Plus they always have Spanx in stock and they are so easy to mix and match. I also paired this look with these Page 6 booties and my favorite fall necklace. 

Happy Friday y'all! 

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