Rose All Day Momma!


"Rose' All Day"! At least that's how I cope with the mom struggle, which is so real! As most new Moms know, navigating through this new territory is tough terrain. There are new rules, new routines and most of all new friends.

Do we still like to go out with our single friends and rage? Hell yeah, but who is going to understand our struggle when the babysitter goes home and our little ones get up at 6am the next morning while we are nursing our hangovers?!?!

From the outside looking in, you might think it would be easy to make new friends as a mom. There are playdates, and toddler classes plus you're all in the same "phase" of your life, but truth be told this is the most "social"- unsocial experience I have ever had. 

As a woman who believes strong women cheer each other on, this is a big departure from the camaraderie I learn by dancing on two professional sports teams in the NFL and NBA. I have always been a girl's - girl, so I am not used to stagnant small talk that seems to go nowhere. Maybe it's because making mom friends is like dating someone new? Is it possible that we are all afraid of making the first move? Could it be that we are all trying to play it cool?

I am so sick of going to the park and other events, meeting moms, and leaving disappointed because we did not exchange numbers. I thought we had a connection! What gives?!?!? 

Our kids are around the same age, they tolerated each other on the playground (because let's be honest, they aren't exactly playing together at this age. It's more like parallel play.) and most importantly, WE GOT ALONG! 

Here's the thing Y'all, we don't have to hit on all levels. I am willing to bet most women like two things, coffee, and wine. I am also willing to bet that some days we all really just crave adult conversation because contrary to the popular belief of our children, Puppy Dog Pals and Elmo get old! 

Thus, let's be open-minded and most importantly judgment-free with each other. Let's make friends and turn play dates into coffee dates for us too! Let's grow our friendships by having Mommy Manicure Mornings and be a sounding board for each other. 

I know as Moms we don't always have a lot of "me" time but that's why we need each other. Women are the BEST multitaskers in the world, so let's turn this issue into a solution! I personally downloaded the Peanut app which is like Tinder for Moms to make friends. I am also currently stocking up on rose' for the occasion! So hit me up Moms, I'll be the one in the "Rose' All Day" shirt! 

This "Rose' All Day" short sleeve sweatshirt is on sale right now at Target (link below). I paired this top with my favorite pair of white denim shorts, and throwback Adidas sneakers for a retro look. Just add wine and you've got the perfect "Mommy" playdate! Cheers! 

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