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Hello old friends! 

I know it has been a while but things have been crazy around here. Summer brought with it a whole slew of changes that I can honestly say I wasn't ready for. Things seemed to start spiraling for us around the time Dallas found a new job. 

Now let me just say, we were grateful when he was able to find another job and go back to work but I don't think we were ready for what was to follow. Nowadays, Dallas is on the road 2-3 days each week emerged in his midwest territory and new job as a regional VP for a surgical company. 

Normally it would be nothing we couldn't handle but add in the passing of our dog Woofer, Cash being speech delayed and our nanny taking a leave of absence, due to a family illness, and you've got a perfect storm. 

It has been difficult to work full time on my radio career and blog while balancing gym, swim and speech classes for Cashton. At times I have been downright lonely because Dallas is gone and I have no sitter, so just forget a social life at that point!  Hey, such is life sometimes. So I just lower my shoulder and push through. 

We have been struggling all summer to find a bandaid for our nanny situation and because neither of our parents live here it has been hard to find regular help.  I did hire a very nice young lady who was home from college for a couple months, however, when she went back to school all hell seemed to break loose again. Currently, we are still trying to solve our childcare problems but I finally found a minute to shoot some new fall looks as well as sit down and write a new blog. 

These new super soft waffle shirts are everywhere this fall!

I am LOVING this one with it's classic black and white sheer sleeves, available at Page 6 Boutique in Fort Mill! 

I paired this top with a pair of Fabrik Birkdale's pleather shorts that feature gold stud detailing. To pull those accents I added gold jewelry and a pair of black and gold Louboutins. 

I think you will love this look for your weekend adventures! Happy GNO! 

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