Jumping Into The Weekend


Ugh. This is so embarrassing! I am DATELESS tonight! 

Okay... Okay... I know. I am married. It's not like I am single, but I have been looking forward to tonight for weeks! 

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are here in Charlotte tonight only for their LIVE stage show, "Deep Talks and Shallow Tales". I've got my tickets,  I made dinner reservations for Dallas and I, and I secured a babysitter. Or so I thought! 

At work today, for some reason, I had the worst feeling. I didn't know why so I started running through my "To Do" list in my head and something told me to check in with our babysitter about tonight.

I text my husband to ask our nanny if she was still on for this evening? Her response... "Oh no, I have plans with my Mom tonight. I didn't know anything about it." 

My heart immediately sank because I knew I had a text message saying she could do it. So ... now I'm off to the show stag because it's too short notice for anyone else to watch Cash and all my friends have plans. 

At least I'll look cute in this chambray pantsuit.

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