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Barbi - Southern Blonde Chic
Rachel - Queen City Chic
Laura - Smart Southern Style

Happy Thursday friends!

 I am so excited to finally share a project that I have been working on with some pretty stylish people. I have partnered with 3 very talented bloggers from around Charlotte to create a bloggers group that will cover 4 different age brackets. 

The four of us are all in different phases of our lives and have unique styles. We will be partnering with local boutiques around the Queen City to feature fashion for all ages. The four of us cover your 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's! 

Thus, I am proud to introduce, "4 for Fashion"! 

The first boutique we urge you to learn more about is Lizard Thicket in Blakney! Fun name, fabulous clothing! With the weather here in Charlotte changing it's important to find looks that will transition with your wardrobe. 

Meet Rachel aka "Queen City Chic"! Rachel is in her 20's and has a laid-back style that is a bit hipster with a feminine twist. She is obsessed with sneakers but traded in her kicks today for a pair of wedges and this adorable blush lemon skirt, black crop top and denim jacket from Lizard Thicket. She is originally from Charlotte and is a foodie at heart. Stay tuned for her blog to launch later this month. 

I, of course, will be representing the 30 somethings with my "All Of The F-Words" blog. By now you know that I have a pretty eclectic style and love everything from boho chic to business attire. I am mindful of what I spend but can appreciate a splurge item too. Today, however, there is no need to break the bank. I am loving this black floral blouse and jean shorts from Lizard Thicket. I've paired this look with a strappy bralette and a woven bag also available at the Blakney location. 

Laura is up next from "Smart Southern Style"! Laura has lived here in Charlotte for 20 plus years and knows affordable southern fashion like no other. She is in her 40's and if a busy Mom of two beautiful girls and a businesswoman on the move. She has an amazing casual feel that features everything from jeans and tees to classic southern sundresses, so it's no doubt she is looking lovely in this black dress with embordered flowers from Lizard Thicket! 

Our final piece to the puzzle and mastermind behind this whole project is Barbi from "Southern Blonde Chic". Barbi is 50 and fabulous! She is a positive, energetic and stylish blogger that shares her favorite looks and beauty products! I love that Barbi styled this look with multiple patterns. It shows that no matter your age you can still be on trend and age appropriate. The black and white looks great with her blonde locks and the contrast of stripes and floral is so chic! 

As you can see fashion comes in all personalities and styles which is why we are so excited to be working together to feature looks that will work for everyone! Of course, if you have any questions about these looks or have an idea for a collaboration feel free to email me. I am so proud to be working with such talented and creative women in the field of fashion and we hope you will check out Lizard Thicket in Blakney for more stylish looks this Spring! 

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